We dicovered Nature'smate and found it worked better than anything else we have tried on our Outhouse.  The results are almost magical.  We use the large container, shake it with some water and sprinkle over the "pile".  Over the off season, a final Dose in October reduces the"pile" to almost nothing.  We doubt we will never need to dig another hole.  We also spray the Stink Stopper around the Outhouse for the sensitive guests and use it for smelly areas like the garbage container etc.  It works like a charm.

                                                        Best Regards 

I have been using the Nature'smate Septic Pellets and find this product to be very good and would not use anything else.


Our kitchen sink was so badly clogged in our winterized cottage that the plumber told us we would probably have to put in new pipes.  After trying a number of other products without success, I tried Natures'mate Septic Pellets.  After a few days of using this product our drain is now free and clear and I will continue to use Natures'smate Septic Pellets.

                                                       Thank you very much

Last year I mixed Nature'smate Septic Pellets with a little water and poured it into our Outhouse pit and applied the pellets at various intervals throughtout the year and the level of our pit dropped considerably.  I plan on continuing to use Nature'smate in my Outhouse as well as in my holding tanks.


Only after using one dose of Nature'smate Septic Pellets I noticed a difference at my family's cottage.  The smell was gone and at the end of the year after having our tank pumped, it was not as full as the previous year even though our cottage useage was up.  I now understand that Nature'smate Septic Pellets help break down waste in the holding tank.  After this experience we also starting using Nature'smate products at our camp and our camp is now sweet smelling again.



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